Do you struggle with aches and pains from chronic muscle tension or an old sports injury?

We are now offering a cutting-edge laser technology treatment called CureWave. The CureWave Laser technology is revolutionizing the treatments for all soft tissue issues, Acute and Chronic pains and conditions as well as minor wound care.

The CureWave Laser technology target specific cells allowing energy to penetrate deeper. By penetrating deeper into the tissue, we can repair more cells further in the tissue and treat the entire area that is damaged or inflamed, not just the superficial sites.



The CureWave laser treatments are very comfortable. Once interviewed and the issue is discussed, you will relax on a treatment surface. As the treatment begins a warm feeling will be felt. Many people describe this as warm and relaxing. We will continually monitor the surface of the treated area. By continually checking the area, we will assure you're kept at a comfortable heat range in the Dermis. Since damaged cells attract more laser energy, the area where the condition is the worst often heats up quicker than the surrounding tissue. The treatment is described by many as relaxing and feel a sense of tingling in the area.

CureWave laser treatments can last from 5 -45 minutes. When treating a small area such as a wrist or foot, the entire treatment can take 5- 7 minutes. When treating a larger area such as Sciatica, the laser energy could last 45 minutes on an average sized male. Your initial consultation with us will provide you with an accurate time and number of treatment(s).The number of treatments will be determined by factors such as; age, acute or chronic injury (how long the patient has had the problem), condition of patient, what part of the body it is.

For your convenience we now have package pricing available.

15 minute single session - $50

1 package of six 15 minute sessions - $250

30 minute single session - $75

1 package of six 30 minute sessions- $375

60 minute single session- $150

1 package of six 60 minute sessions- $750

At this time Bella is a self-pay clinic, which means we do not bill insurance companies or do any preauthorization.