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While Dysport is newer on the American scene, its effective use in other countries is over 20 years old. Like its more famous counterpart, BOTOX, FDA-approved Dysport is used to temporarily relieve moderate to severe creases between the brows, called glabellar lines, in much the same way. Nerve impulses in that area are restricted, causing the muscle activity which originate the wrinkles to relax. The injection is administered by our nurse within 10 – 20 minutes, so you can achieve a smoother, more youthful look in the span of a lunch break!

Results with Dysport last 4 months after just one treatment. Like all of the treatments we offer, our professionals work with you to define your target areas and the best options for your needs. Call us to schedule your consultation at your convenience.


Price $5 per unit

Want more info to see if Dysport is right for you?http://www.dysportusa.com/

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high res mature woman.jpg