“I felt relaxed the moment I walked through the door”



Bella’s Signature Massage- 75 minutes - $100

Our Signature Massage is an entire package designed to deliver maximum satisfaction and relief. We’ve brought the Swedish and an Aromatherapy massages together for an intense fusion of technique that will increase blood and lymphatic circulation, ridding your body of toxins and melting away your stress. The massage also includes your scalp and face. We augment our work with an aromatherapy blend personalized for you, and warm you with a hot steam towel for your back, hands and feet. When we’re finishing caring for you, you’ll be completely relaxed.

Essential Massage - 60 minutes - $90

Most of us carry our stress in our backs and necks, overwork our feet, and overwork our hands. We’d like to take care of you with our Essential Massage by focusing on these tension-filled areas and relieve them of chronic pressure, which affects your whole body. While our therapist gives you a Swedish/Deep fusion massage employing trigger point therapy techniques, you’ll be treated to an aromatherapy blend customized for you, and cozily comforted with a hot steam towel for your back, neck, hands and feet.

Allergy Relief Massage - 45 minutes - $60

Allergy season makes thousands of people miserable every year. Clogged and agitated sinuses create a multitude of problems, among them migraines and stress headaches from the extreme pressure. If you suffer from these symptoms, you’ll want to book our Allergy Relief Massage. A Swedish massage utilizing a special aromatherapy blend for allergies and hot steam towels for the face and back will help relax you and assist us as we work to break up the tension. We’ll massage your scalp, shoulders, face, and back to increase your lymphatic system to flow better.

Swedish Massage

Massage is a wonderful experience with many health benefits. Increase your flexibility and the level of oxygen in your blood while improving circulation, reducing tension and muscle toxins. If you’ve never had a massage, we recommend starting with our Swedish massage, which relaxes the entire body. This full-body massage uses long strokes to glide over your body in the direction of your heart. If you want to decrease stress, studies have shown a 45-minute massage reduces cortisol dramatically.

  • 30 minutes – $40

  • 45 minutes – $55

  • 60 minutes – $70

  • 90 minutes – $100

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage blends the benefits of a Swedish massage with therapeutic modalities to specifically target areas of concern. This massage uses deeper pressure along with trigger point therapy to reduce tension in the deeper layers of muscle. Our therapists incorporate hot towels to this massage to create a relaxing yet therapeutic experience.

  • 30 minutes - $55

  • 45 minutes - $70

  • 60 minutes - $85

  • 90 minutes - $115

PrenAtal Massage

For the mother to be, this relaxing massage can help to release tension and discomforts that are associated with pregnancy. **Must be in your 2nd or 3rd trimester.

  • 30 minutes - $45

  • 45 minutes - $60

  • 60 minutes - $75


Enhance the effects of your massage sessions by adding a CureWave Laser Treatment. Ask how you can receive a complimentary session when you schedule a massage. Learn more about this service HERE

We are now offering a cutting-edge laser technology treatment called CureWave. The CureWave Laser technology is an advanced cutting edge technology revolutionizing the treatments for all soft tissue issues, Acute and Chronic pains and conditions as well as minor wound care.

The CureWave Laser technology target specific cells allowing energy to penetrate deeper. By penetrating deeper into the tissue, we can repair more cells further in the tissue and treat the entire area that is damaged or inflamed, not just the superficial sites.