Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

from 40.00

Massage is a wonderful experience with many health benefits. Increase your flexibility and the level of oxygen in your blood while improving circulation, reducing tension and muscle toxins. If you’ve never had a massage, we recommend starting with our Swedish massage, which relaxes the entire body. This full-body massage uses long strokes to glide over your body in the direction of your heart. If you want to decrease stress, studies have shown a 45-minute massage reduces cortisol dramatically.

We offer several levels of Swedish massage. All will be thorough full-body treatments, you simply choose how long you want to be cared for.

  • 30 minutes – $40
  • 45 minutes – $55
  • 60 minutes – $70
  • 90 minutes – $100

Please be aware that a gift certificate will not be available for print when service is purchased unless  otherwise requested with our spa concierge via phone. 

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